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Standing on the edge of the unknown. Your journey is unique as a Death Doula I can guide you through the end of your life’s journey.

I have been involved in the healthcare industry for over 35 years as a nurse, health educator And Complimentary Therapist. Many years ago my son died unexpectedly. At the age of 26 my husband and I struggled through a system telling us what to do without regards to our needs. The lessons I have learnt and the choices I was never informed of directed me on a pathway of learning about death, dying and grief.   Healthcare has become so time constrained, nurses and doctors are unable to spend the time they wish they could for their patients. 

My life and health industry experience have given me a greater insight into what happens behind the scenes. I can help demystify this for you to help relieve your fears

* Do you want to die at home, in a hospice, hospital or nursing home?

* Do you want to die at home, in a hospice, hospital or nursing home?

*Are you unable to or uncomfortable to talk about your impending death with your family?

* I can, sit with you if you choose, talk realities and truths, or just give the information and support your family may need to care for you.

* I can assist you with your Advance Care Directive (thoughts and wishes for the last few weeks of life).

* Overall I can help you to take responsibility for the way you live and die.

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  • Death Doula (Denise Love), 
  • Advanced Death Doula training (Denise Love), 
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  • Diploma Of Reflexology(Cancer Care), Reiki Master(Cancer Care)
Tecoma, VIC, 3160

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